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BreakdownCover is the UK’s leading breakdown cover comparison site. We make it easy to compare breakdown cover quotes from leading UK insurers, allowing our users to find the cheapest deals in seconds, saving both time and money.

Here’s what you need to do to start comparing breakdown cover:

  • Click ‘Start a comparison’ to get started.
  • Find a breakdown cover policy that best meets your requirements.
  • Choose the deal that’s best for you and buy online.

What is breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover, often referred to as roadside assistance, is a type of insurance policy designed to help you when your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical failure, electrical issues, or other unexpected problems that leave you stranded. Breakdown cover can include services like:

  • Roadside Assistance: Help if your vehicle breaks down while you’re out and about.
  • Local Recovery: If your vehicle can’t be fixed on the spot, it can be towed to a nearby garage.
  • Home Start: Assistance if your vehicle breaks down at home.
  • Onward Travel: Options like a courtesy car, overnight accommodation, or alternative transport if your car can’t be fixed quickly.
  • National Recovery: Transport for you, your vehicle, and passengers to any UK destination if repair isn’t immediate.
  • European Cover: This option provides cover if you break down while driving your vehicle in Europe.

Why do I need breakdown cover?

No one likes to experience car troubles, especially when it happens during an important journey or while you’re out on the road. Unfortunately, vehicle breakdowns are an unpleasant reality that all drivers face. Having a breakdown cover policy can save you time, money, and stress in the event of a vehicle breakdown, ensuring that you’re not left stranded and can get back on the road as soon as possible.

What types of breakdown cover are there?

Breakdown cover can vary significantly in terms of what’s offered. You can choose between:

Vehicle Breakdown Cover

This type of policy also known as car breakdown cover, provides coverage for any vehicle regardless of who is driving when the breakdown occurs. If any other person uses your vehicle, such as your wife, husband, or another family member, this could prove to be your cheapest option.

Personal Breakdown Cover

The person named in the policy is covered for any eligible vehicle regardless of whether they are the driver or a passenger. This type of policy is usually a little more expensive, however, if you own or drive more than one vehicle, insuring yourself, can work out cheaper. For example, if you own a car and a motorbike you would be covered for both.

Frequently asked questions

We compare breakdown cover quotes from the UK’s leading providers including:

  • The AA
  • RAC
  • Start Rescue
  • Cover My Breakdown
  • Emergency Assist
  • Eversure
  • GEM Motoring Assist
  • Nova Direct

To find affordable breakdown cover, consider these steps:

  • Compare options on our website to assess prices and coverage.
  • Understand your specific needs and choose a policy that matches them to avoid overpaying.
  • Opt for annual payment to potentially receive a discount over monthly payments.
  • Consider basic coverage if your driving habits or vehicle condition don’t require extensive cover.
  • Review and negotiate your policy at renewal to ensure you’re still getting a competitive rate.

Always balance cost with the level of cover you need to ensure you’re adequately protected without overspending.

You should be able to get breakdown cover for most vehicles, although some providers only cover vehicles up to a certain age. If you use your vehicle for business or racing, for example, further restrictions may apply.

It depends. When you own only one vehicle, it may make more sense to purchase vehicle-based cover. If you drive more than one vehicle frequently or are a passenger in more than one, personal-based coverage may be more appropriate.

If your car breaks down and you don’t have a breakdown policy, you can purchase instant breakdown cover at the side of the road, and your new provider will send someone to fix it.

A breakdown provider must offer a 14-day “cooling off period” within which you may cancel your policy. In the event that you haven’t claimed on your cover, you won’t face any penalties and will receive a full refund.
You may not be able to cancel after this period or after you’ve made a claim. In addition, claim, or you may be required to pay a fee to receive a partial refund after you’ve canceled. Terms will vary between providers.

When looking for the best breakdown cover, consider factors such as the coverage included, the reputation and reliability of the provider, and any additional perks or benefits. It’s also important to compare prices before making a decision. Remember to choose a plan that best fits your specific needs and budget.