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What is European Breakdown Cover?

European breakdown cover is a type of insurance that provides support and assistance when your vehicle has a breakdown or accident while travelling in Europe. If you’re on a driving holiday, it’s important to know you can get your car fixed or towed to the nearest garage. Roadside assistance is available if you break down while driving in Europe. In the event, that the problem persists and your car needs to be repaired back in the UK, a European breakdown cover policy can cover these expenses as well. Don’t let a breakdown ruin your European adventure. Make sure you have the right breakdown cover in place before you hit the road.

What features does European breakdown cover include?

European breakdown cover typically includes:

  1. Home start if your car breaks down before you leave.
  2. Roadside assistance A recovery vehicle will try to fix your car by the side of the road. In the event that this is not possible, it will be taken to a nearby garage for repairs. Your policy may have call-out limits, so check them to avoid extra fees.
  3. 24/7 assistance Ensures that you are never stranded anywhere overnight, and gives you access to support and recovery at any time.
  4. Garage labour costs Can cover all or part of the costs of fixing your car at a garage.
  5. Onward travel This will enable you to continue your journey if your car breaks down. Some policies provide a replacement vehicle while yours is in the garage, some reimburse you for public transportation expenses, and some even cover accommodation costs.
  6. Vehicle repatriation Covers all or some of the costs of returning your car to the UK if it can’t be fixed. In some policies, you and your passengers may also be covered for the costs of returning to the UK. This is known as ‘repatriation’.
  7. Misfuelling Cover for damages or repairs if you mistakenly put diesel in a petrol car or vice versa.
  8. Lost keys During travel, you can claim reimbursement for the replacement cost of lost keys.

Before you buy a policy, check the details to make sure you know what’s covered.

What level of European breakdown cover do I need?

Single-trip cover is available if you don’t plan to travel often. Multi-trip coverage is available if you plan to travel frequently.

  • Single trip European cover – It may be cheaper to purchase a single trip European breakdown policy if you travel to Europe only once or twice a year. In addition, you will be covered for any drives in the UK, both on your way home and on your way back.
  • Annual breakdown cover – All trips you take in a year are covered, up to 90 days in total. Check the policy details carefully before choosing, as some policies have a limit on how long you can be covered. In addition to this, UK-wide coverage is included.

Make sure you don’t already have european breakdown cover.

Why is european breakdown cover important?

If you break down in Europe without the right cover, you’ll not only have to pay for repairs and call-outs, but also have to arrange everything yourself in a language that you might not understand.

It becomes even more stressful when you breakdown overseas due to unfamiliar road rules and a lack of local knowledge. Whether you’re going to Europe on business or for pleasure, you should factor European breakdown cover into your budget.

Fortunately, breakdown insurance providers offer a variety of options, and you can often add European coverage to your current policy.

European Breakdown Cover FAQs

We often receive a lot of questions regarding European breakdown cover and what to expect. We will answer them here to give you a better understanding:

Breakdown cover policies will offer the same level of protection as before Brexit (unless your provider informs you otherwise). If you have any doubts, check your policy documents or contact your provider.

You should check off these items on your to-do list before heading out on your European road trip:

  • Ensure you have breakdown cover and keep any policy documents on hand
  • You should check whether you have adequate coverage for driving in Europe with your car insurance
  • Find your driving license (make sure it’s valid) and your vehicle logbook and bring them with you
  • To ensure your vehicle is working properly, have it checked by a mechanic
  • Be aware of the local driving laws and speed limits in the country/countries you are visiting
  • Make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment. Driving in France, for example, requires a safety triangle and safety vests (for you and your passengers)
  • Get the latest maps for where you’re driving by updating your navigation device
  • Your car may require a UK sticker
  • Registration may be required if you’re towing a trailer

Yes, you just need to get a single trip breakdown policy which will cover you for one holiday.

European cover could be included as part of your existing breakdown policy – check the policy documents or terms and conditions. Some policies will include it, but for very short trips only and at the lowest level of cover, so make sure it meets your needs.

If it’s not included, you can buy European breakdown cover as a single, standalone policy.