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What is Personal Breakdown Cover?

Personal breakdown cover is a type of insurance policy that offers the policyholder with roadside assistance in the event of a vehicle breakdown. It covers both the driver and the vehicle for the duration of the policy. The policy will typically include roadside repair and towing services as well as for the vehicle to be recovered to a nearby garage for necessary repairs. Most policies do not cover accidents, however, they can be tailored to fit the particular needs of the driver, often taking into account the age of the vehicle.

Do I need personal breakdown cover?

Our customers often ask us which coverage is best for them, and the answer varies based on their circumstances. Personal breakdown cover may not be the right type of policy if you usually only drive one vehicle. In the same way, if you don’t have dependents or a partner who may benefit from your policy, then a car breakdown cover policy is the best option.

Before purchasing, make sure you read the policy wording.

Personal Breakdown Cover FAQs

We often receive a lot of questions about personal breakdown cover, so let’s answer some of the most common:

The cost of a personal breakdown cover policy depends on the provider and the type of cover you choose. Generally, comprehensive breakdown cover policies are more expensive than basic cover options.

Most major insurance providers offer personal breakdown cover policies, such as The AA, RAC & many more.

If your vehicle experiences a breakdown, you should contact the breakdown services provider listed on your policy. Your provider will then arrange for a specialist to come and diagnose the problem and arrange for the necessary repairs or recovery services.