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Car Breakdown Cover Comparison

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Personal or vehicle cover?

Deciding whether you insure yourself or your vehicle.

  • Personal Cover - The person named in the policy is covered for any eligible car, van, motorbike or motorhome (as set out in the providers terms and conditions). regardless of whether they are the driver or a passenger. Personal policies are usually a little more expensive, however, if you own or drive more than one vehicle, insuring yourself, can work out cheaper. For example, if you own a car and a motorbike you would be covered for both if you had personal cover.
  • Vehicle Cover - This type of policy provides coverage for any car, van, motorbike or other eligible vehicle regardless of who is driving when the breakdown occurs. If any other persons uses your vehicle, such as your wife, husband or another family member, this could prove to be yout cheapest option.

Different levels of cover available

Each company offers varying levels of cover from a basic fix at the road side service to the full service that includes onward travel options and even European rescue.

  • Roadside Assistance - This provides basic coverage and includes, fix at the roadside (80-85% success rate depending on provider) or, tow to a local garage if your vehicle cannot be fixed in a timely manner. You must be at least 1/4 mile from your home or registered address. All breakdown companies include roadside as standard in all their policies, you can then add any of the following options to tailor your policy to your specific needs.
  • Home Cover - This extends your policy to include coverage at your home address and the 1/4 mile surrounding it which is excluded from policies without home cover.
  • Recovery - This includes a long distance recovery service that will rescue you from anywhere in the UK and transport you and your passengers to any single location within the UK, including back to your home address if you so wish.
  • Onward Travel (also known as Stay Mobile) -This gives you a number of options if your car cannot be fixed by the end of the working day. Each company has their own specific terms and conditions, however, the options generally include, a replacement car (hire car typically for a maximim of 3 days) or alternative transport to get you to your intended destination within the UK, over night accommodation for you and your passengers and, one way public transport costs for one person to collect the car once it has been repaired.
  • Breakdown Repair - AA are the only company that offer this service at the moment, if you add this to your policy you will get money towards parts and extra garage work after a call-out.
According to statistics, UK breakdown services are called into action around 20,000 times each day. The reasons are numerous - punctured tyres, flat batteries and engine trouble being among the most common reasons for break down call outs.

A high percentage of breakdowns are resolved at the roadside, emergency repair success rates are now up as high as 85% for the big three companies, so the chances are that should you need to call Greenflag, RAC or AA, they will be able to fix your vehicle at the roadside and have you back on the road without suffering a huge delay, allowing you to complete your journey, trouble-free.

For vehicles that cannot be repaired at the roadside, assistance in the form of a tow to the nearest repair garage is included as standard. However, if you'd like more flexibility you may wish to opt for national recovery, this allows you to have your van or car recovered to your home address, local garage or any other single location in the UK. Another option worth considering is Home Start Cover, this will extend your policy to include assistance at home or within the first 1/4 mile of your registered address. For complete piece of mind you can also opt for onward travel cover which can provide you with a replacement vehicle and any emergency accommodation needed as a result of a break down. Finally, cover can also include a european breakdown cover option for when you are driving in Europe either on holiday or for business.

Safety First

We've all heard the motoring horror stories that have resulted from broken down vehicles being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are many cases of stricken vehicles on the side of the road being hit by passing traffic. For some the simple act of changing a flat tyre on a motorway hard shoulder has ended tragically.

But why take the risk?

Taking out car breakdown cover offers you access to vehicle rescue and recovery services by experienced patrols, your safety and the safety of your passengers and other road users is their priority. If your vehicle breaks down in a dangerous location, such as at a blind corner or on the side of a busy stretch of fast road, a patrol unit will know what to do to make the situation as safe as possible for all concerned.

When you buy breakdown insurance cover this is what you are buying into - an experienced company that not only knows how to fix your vehicle and get you to your destination with the minimum of fuss, but an organisation that makes your safety a priority.

The complexity of the modern vehicle

As cars become more like computers it is perhaps not surprising that fewer of us than ever before dive under the bonnet whenever we experience a problem. With high-tech devices now controlling much of a modern car's engine performance, and a laptop instead of a set of ramps and a torch being the diagnostic tool of choice, it seems a safer and quicker bet these days to call one of the breakdown services to help, rather than to try and fathom out the problem ourselves.

Another reason to consider insurance is the rising use of such things as satellite navigation and CD changers! These seemingly innocuous systems designed to improve our driving experience are increasingly the root cause of flat batteries - the second most common reason for calling on breakdown companies in the UK.

Also on the rise are call outs for cars that won't start because the immobiliser has been activated, either by accident or through driver error, and call outs to drivers who've locked themselves out of their cars. Data from a leading UK vehicle patrol in fact cited immobiliser issues and lockouts as the two fastest growing reasons for calls requesting assistance.

Whether you're locked out, stranded by the roadside or stuck at home with a car that just won't start, buying breakdown cover online now, will give you instant cover, why wait?

Who's best AA, RAC or Green Flag.

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