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RAC Breakdown Cover

Founded in 1897 RAC is the UK's oldest motoring organisation. It has been operating mobile breakdown cover services since 1901, and today boasts some 6.5 million members. The organisation has around 2000 patrol vehicles providing breakdown assistance across the UK's road network. Response times are excellent - RAC aim to have a patrol vehicle on the scene within 40 minutes of receiving your breakdown assistance call. Should the vehicle be in a dangerous location, or RAC identify you as a priority case, an RAC breakdown vehicle could be with you a lot sooner.

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History of RAC

From its inception in 1897 RAC has built itself a reputation as one of the leading vehicle breakdown recovery services in the UK. When mobile patrol services began in 1901 it was on motorbikes that RAC assistance would arrive. All patrol representatives wore uniform akin to the military police of the time. Patrol representatives were even given rank designations similar to those of army personnel.

RAC motorbike patrols continued right up to the late 1960s. RAC Van patrols then took over as the standard, and today a large fleet of well-equipped RAC rescue and recovery vehicles operate on Britain's roads.

RAC Membership

Reliability and a high level of technical expertise are at the core of RAC's vehicle breakdown service. over 80% of all vehicle breakdowns are fixed by RAC patrols at the roadside. Of the remainder - that is vehicles involved in accidents that are immovable or undriveable and vehicles with extreme failures that cannot be repaired at the roadside - RAC will provide a free tow to the nearest garage. With RAC's more comprehensive levels of cover you'll also have access to financial cover for emergency overnight stays whilst your vehicle is repaired, and have access to a range of options for your onward journey.

RAC Cover Options

There are five RAC breakdown cover options for members to choose from. These are:

Roadside: RAC's basic breakdown cover option. It provides 24/7 RAC roadside assistance to its members across the UK road network. Cover includes access to expert legal advice and assistance in the event of an accident, plus free tow of vehicle to a garage within a 10-mile radius of breakdown location.

Recovery: Adds nationwide vehicle recovery to roadside assistance. With this type of membership in place you have access to free vehicle recovery and transportation for up to 8 people to any destination in the UK.

Home: Adds a home help option to roadside assistance - but excludes nationwide vehicle recovery. In the event that your vehicle won't start on your drive, or breaks down close to your home, this option will cover you.

Home + recovery: Is the option to choose if you want roadside assistance, nationwide vehicle recovery and the home start option altogether in one package.

Home, recovery & onward travel: Adds onward travel cover to the Solution 3 package. With onward travel you have access to a replacement vehicle for up to 3 days, plus financial cover for emergency overnight accommodation.