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Breakdown Cover - Membership Types

When you buy breakdown cover you become a member of the provider's breakdown organisation. You get a membership number and membership card, plus benefits like discounted offers with affiliate organisations and access to special breakdown membership deals. You may also get money off other products and services offered by the provider. For example you might be able to purchase home insurance and car insurance at a discounted rate. With so many offers available, it is worth comparing membership benefits between organisations before you buy your breakdown cover so that you get the best deal.

  Membership Types  
 InsurerSingle CoverJoint CoverFamily CoverVehicle OnlyPrice FromMore Info  
 AA Breakdown Cover OffersYes_iconYes_iconYes_iconYes_iconFrom
AA Membership Prices 
 RAC Breakdown Cover OffersYes_iconYes_iconYes_iconYes_iconFrom
RAC Membership Prices 
 Green Flag Breakdown Cover OffersYes_iconYes_iconNo_iconYes_iconFrom
Green Flag Membership Prices 

Types of breakdown membership

Just as with the level of breakdown cover on offer, most breakdown providers give their customers four membership options. These are:-
  • Single Membership: This is the cheapest breakdown membership option. It is designed for one person and is portable between vehicles. This means that you are covered regardless of whether or not you are in your own car or someone else's vehicle.
  • Joint Membership: With this option you can add a further person to your breakdown cover for less than the cost of a second single membership. The only proviso is that the person you add lives at the same address as you. For couples with their own cars this is the cheapest way to get breakdown cover.
  • Family Membership: For three or more people living at the same address family membership provides all the benefits of breakdown cover at a far cheaper price than if each person were to take out cover by themselves. Again, each person's cover is portable between vehicles. As such, it is ideal for families with older children living at home and driving their own cars or their parent's cars.
  • Vehicle Membership: This type of membership is slightly different. It is a membership option that is tied to the vehicle registration. This means that anyone who drives that vehicle has cover. For families with several drivers using one car, vehicle membership is the ideal solution, and one that could work out much cheaper for them than the family membership option.

For all four membership options it is worth noting that providers often place a limit on the number of times breakdown cover can be used in a year. Many organisations limit their members to 5 or 6 call-outs per annum per membership number. Once that limit is exceeded you may be charged extra for breakdown services. This is a factor that you should take into account when deciding upon which membership option to buy, especially if you are considering having several people under one membership number. If they all drive cars that are prone to breaking down you could reach that call out limit very quickly indeed!

Breakdown membership as a Gift

Do you know of anyone who could benefit from vehicle breakdown cover? If so, why not consider giving them breakdown membership as a gift. Providers who offer this facility will send you a gift membership pack that can be wrapped up. The pack contains a code that the gift's recipient has to quote to the provider to activate their cover. If the recipient already has breakdown cover the gift can still be used. It will just follow-on from the date of expiry of the recipient's existing cover. If you're stuck for Christmas and birthday gift ideas this year, gift breakdown cover could very well be the perfect solution!

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