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Breakdown Cover Options

Breakdown cover providers tend to split their service offerings out into a range of cover options organised by service level and price. Normally, four or five options are available, from basic roadside assistance to full-service membership that includes coverage for overnight accommodation and onward transport by car, taxi, train or plane. For motorists this choice of packages provides an opportunity to select breakdown cover that best suits their circumstances, and their pockets.

Roadside Assistance

It should go without saying that the cheapest breakdown cover is the most basic in terms of benefits. Members signing up for basic breakdown cover can expect 24/7 roadside assistance anywhere in the UK. If the vehicle cannot be fixed or repaired at the roadside, this level of cover will often include a free tow to the nearest provider-approved garage too.

When considering breakdown cover it is worth remembering that many vehicle breakdown organisations claim a high success rate in fixing cars and other vehicles at the roadside. If you have confidence in your vehicle and do not anticipate a need for trailer recovery of your vehicle, or support in arranging your onward journey then basic roadside assistance may be the best breakdown cover option for you. Roadside Assistance Packages 

Home and Roadside Assistance

A step up from basic roadside assistance you'll find packages that include breakdown assistance for your vehicle at home as well as on the road. If your car won't start on your driveway, or if it breaks down a short distance from your home address, this option covers you. With this package you have more flexibility -- so whether you've locked your keys in the car while unloading the shopping, or if you find yourself with a flat battery after a cold and damp night, you'll be able to call out a patrol to come and help you. Home Cover Packages

Vehicle Rescue & Recovery

Nationwide basis. If your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside this package gives you the option to have your vehicle transported for free to a destination of your choice -- be it to your local garage, back home or to another location. Vehicle Recovery Packages

Onward Journey and Further Options

At the top end of the service spectrum, breakdown organisations offer upgrades to more inclusive cover options. For example, you can buy breakdown cover where the cost of transport for your onward journey is included as part of the deal. Depending upon the provider your cover may also include the provision of a replacement car for the onward journey, and for use for several days afterwards as well. If you have to make an unscheduled stay in accommodation while waiting for your vehicle to be repaired, the more comprehensive breakdown cover options will reimburse those costs for you too.

They are all part of package designed to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind. So, should something go wrong with your vehicle on your journey, you won't be forced to consign your plans to the scrapheap! Onward Journey Packages