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Comprehensive Cover - Roadside, Onward Journey and Home Cover

It's morning. You're late for work and you've already had to skip that last cup of coffee in an effort to get to the office on time. You run to the car, get in and turn the key - then nothing! Sound familiar? Many of us have been there. In fact, according to one of the UK's leading breakdown cover providers, around one-quarter of all vehicle breakdowns happen at home, or a short distance from it. Rarely though does standard roadside assistance cover you for a home call-out. Instead, you'll need a different level of breakdown cover -- breakdown assistance at home.

  Comprehensive Cover  
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Breakdown Cover Packages (Comprehensive)

The home assistance option

Breakdown assistance at home brings together all of the benefits offered by a standard roadside assistance policy and delivers them to your driveway or home parking area. You get access to a team of professional mechanics 24/7, 365 days a year. So, if you have a problem with your vehicle, you can call for breakdown assistance from the comfort of your own home, grab a cup of coffee, and wait for the patrol to fix the fault.

And fix it they will do, most of the time at least. Just as with standard roadside assistance, many breakdown operators have an enviable repair record when it comes to attending faulty vehicles at home. When the mechanic arrives the aim is to get your vehicle running and you on your way with the minimum of fuss. In up to 85% of cases this is achieved.

But, should the breakdown patrol be unable to fix the fault, they won't leave your vehicle stranded on your driveway. As with your roadside cover the breakdown patrol will offer to tow the vehicle to the nearest approved garage. Some providers may tow the vehicle to a garage of your choice, so long as the final destination is not more than a few miles from your home address. If you need help in explaining the fault to the garage, the breakdown mechanic will help you out there too.

All in all, the home assistance option gives you the peace of mind that should your vehicle not start in the mornings, or if it were to develop a fault a little way down the road, professional help is on hand. Just pick up the phone and dial for breakdown assistance! 

Buying home breakdown assistance

The home assistance option tends not to be available as a standalone breakdown policy. To arrange cover you'll need either to buy a breakdown cover package that includes home breakdown assistance -- for example, a policy that includes roadside and home breakdown together, or you'll need to purchase it as an upgrade to your existing cover.

Is it worth it? That depends on you. But one thing is certain -- breakdown cover that ties together a roadside policy with home assistance means that you'll have complete vehicle breakdown coverage, no matter where you and your vehicle are located in the UK.